50mm f/1.2 Nikkor

by Wednesday, 07 September 2011

There are many features of a camera that allow you to take pictures in different settings and in different lightings.


I'm learning that I really like wide open lenses. F1.2.  It doesn't always allow you to focus on everything, but when the subject is in focus, it is beautiful.

Sometimes, you don't even have to have things in focus to take a fun picture.  In this case, I was in a moving vehicle so it was more difficult to be in focus.


Seattle has a lot of marked up stuff everywhere.  I guess that's good because it means that there are young people around.


The nice things about this lens is that if I ever feel like there isn't enough light, all I have to do is crank it down a bit.


The limited focus makes it similar to how the eye might see objects in a similar lighting situation.

Above two pictures is of a new little delicatessen in Fremont that I visited.  Since the lens is rather long, I wasn't able to take pictures of the food. (Plus on my micro 4/3rds camera, the length was doubled to 100mm)

I guess that would be one area where this lens isn't very desirable for.


I've also been playing with a red filter that I purchased recently.  It works well during early dusk situations, but because of the light it takes away, it quickly becomes a disadvantage.  This is very clear in the next picture where I had to really crank up the ISO to get anything.

I guess bumping up the ISO gives the picture a nostalgic feel by adding grains, but that isn't always desirable.  In this case, I think it worked.

Once I took of the filter, the pictures were instantly more bright.  f/1.2 is really something.


Last, but not least, this lens is absolutely wonderful for taking pictures at a live music event.


One day maybe I can get one of these.  One can always dream!



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