Ferdinand from Stuttgart

by Saturday, 29 June 2013

For a car guy, going to Germany would be incomplete without visiting at least one of the four major manufacture's museums.  I was lucky enough to visit 2 places.  BMW in Munchen and Porsche in Stuttgart. Before we get to Stuttgart, I have a story to tell.  If you want to see Car Porn right away, skip below three paragraphs including the Citroen.


I was told that we would be driving from France to Germany on the Autobahn.  Super stoked!  When we picked up the car from the rental place in Strasbourg, France, I was horrified.  Funny thing, my dad is far from a car guy.  I was told that we were getting a van, much like a Toyota Venza (4 people and luggage so I was okay with that idea).  But what I saw next and what you see below is....

Citroen C4 Picasso


Well, you see the 2012 Citroen C4 Picasso is probably not the best car you could have picked for Autobahn duty.  For my dad, it was probably just a checklist of features.  Seats 4 people, check, space for tons of luggage, check, diesel engine for efficiency, check.  The only thing worse than this car is a Chrysler PT Cruiser (of which I saw a lot of in this trip actually!).


Let me tell you, it does have the "European"-ish suspension, but this is the "Picasso" version which makes you feel like you're driving in a tall bubble.  Not only that, this thing under braking nose dives like a Camry.  (BTW, my parents drive a Camry Hybrid, a car so cushy, you can't tell whether you're going over a dead body or over a smooth pavement.)  To make matters worse, between 120km and 130km the thing wobbles like a top losing its spin.  Probably a badly balanced wheel/tire or its French origin.  Made in Germany, Japan, or  even US of A, it probably wouldn't have these issues.



Either way, we get to Stuttgart, Germany in the "Picasso".  Say hello to "Porsche". I'll leave the rest of this post up to the pictures to do it justice.


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