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by Monday, 05 September 2011

Everyone has one, I do too.

Looking back at a place is very interesting.  You see things you didn't see before.

You might have been shorter, or maybe just a little bit less wise.

Perspective always changes as you grow.  I hadn't looked back to notice the light houses on this street for example  I hadn't been back there in August since I was in high school.

Being in Japan in August usually means that it is hot and humid, but not so in Hokkaido.  It is a lot less humid and hot compared to the main island.


On my walk I found these relics of time.  I haven't seen one of these in a while.  Cellphones are the norm in our modern society.

I remember the days calling my house from one of these.  It was 10 yen a minute.


I still remembered every path.  I found out that I remembered this particular path for a reason; it opens right next to my favorite toy store as a child.


It is good to be able to drink outside.  In the US, the only place you can drink outside legally is in Vegas and that place is far from comfortable.


This town has more places to drink than there are people.  I guess that is what happens when you have an old-seaport.


I found something else I didn't see before.  This bridge was built in 1974.  Before that the railway used to run straight across town.


I guess there is a reason I settled in Seattle.  The mountain and the ocean is within reach of each other.


Now for something delicious!  This is what we call "Genghis Khan", a Japanese version of the Mongolian grill.  Small pieces of lamb meat are sauteed on this iron skillet and dipped in sauce.  The skillet is kept hot by the coal underneath.


It's always nice to have some fun with fire.  I remember playing with hand-held fireworks as a child.  The smell reminds you of chemistry class (or should it?).

The days went by quickly and it was fun while it lasted.  Now I'm back to reality: coding coding coding.......



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