by Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Some places you've lived you go back to very often.  There are also other places in your past where you don't get to go back as often.

This past week I was able to visit kobe.  It's always interesting to see that things change but never the streets themselves.

The flow of people was alive as ever; I was happy to see that. In this day and age it isn't rare when a place becomes deserted when you return the next time.

The scorching heat and the ridiculous humidity made for a very different experience than say Seattle.  The shirt you wear on a hot Seattle day suddenly feels like a coat.

The food here is as always superior to any japanese food had in the US; actually most of the Kansai region does better at preparing foods than the rest of the country in my opinion.

I wasn't able to go to many locations due to time constraint but it is always a pleasure.

Last but not least I was able to go to a fireworks show with some highschool friends which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Some of these friends I hadn't talked yo in years; I was happy to see that they hadn't changed.

I hope that when I return again it'll still be the same old kobe; hot, humid and full of life.



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