Last Summer's Tokyo

by Tuesday, 03 May 2011

This is a set of pictures I took when i went to Tokyo last summer.


This was taken when I first got my Panasonic Lumix G2 so it isn't as sophisticated or planned.

G2 can work pretty well as a point and shoot too.




  1. Chomp Chomp
  2. 01 259 5V6
  3. Man made big
  4. Naturally big
  5. The Last Cretaceous Beast
  6. The Last Samurai
  7. Ameyoko 1
  8. Ameyoko 2
  9. Ameyoko 3
  10. TUBED
  11. CAPPED
  12. Find the dead fish?
  13. Where's the live fish?
  14. Spring Blossoms *
  15. Summer Blossoms
  16. Gateway
  17. Obatarian Invades the View Finder
  18. Going Home
* This tree happens to be a famous tree that a TV station often uses to broadcast the start of spring in Tokyo area.  It usually blossoms nicely.



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