Macro Blossom

by Thursday, 21 July 2011

The prized possession within my lense collection is my macro lens.



It takes beautiful pictures normally, but it is best at taking detailed photos.

Macro lenses are designed to take pictures of "a subject at greater than life size."



My favorites time for using the macro lense is after it's been raining out.  The water droplets really make the pictures shine.

The first picture is of a "Fuschia" which I didn't know how to spell until now.  I really like the extreme colors and its intricate design.

Out of the entire set, I really like the #4 the best.  Simple, and beautiful the Morning Glory.



These pictures were taken at a friend's garden/backyard.

In post-processing, these high-contrast pictures are awesome; the background of green can be made pitch black if your flower doesn't have the color green.

These pictures are very different from my last post in that it focuses on detail rather than style (tilt-transformer / bokeh).



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