Portrait Sketches Pt.1

by Thursday, 23 May 2013

My sketchbook is always filled with portrait sketches. Something about the human face has always intrigued me. Each face tells a certain story and makes you want to learn more about that person. Most of the time my portrait sketches come from the imagination, but often times I use real people for inspiration. I've found that by accentuating one's imperfections, their character becomes more interesting

These are just a few portrait sketches I've drawn. There will be more to come!


Portrait Sketches: Smoking Man

Portrait Sketches: Smoking Man

Portrait Sketches: Glasses

Portrait Sketches: Girl

Portrait Sketches: Wild Cat

Portrait Sketches: Mustache

Portrait Sketches: Stare

Max Olson

Max is a designer and front end developer out of Seattle. 

Check out some of his work at:

Contact Max at: max@y-designs.com

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