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by Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Being busy, blogging has been very difficult to do.


One of my "busy" has finally taken fruit and here it is: HERE


Records is a new interactive piece that I salvaged from my old site.  It was initially just something that showed you pictures of my record collection, but it has now grown to have more capabilities.


By using image map and other piece of random internet technology (mostly just jQuery), I was able to make it a bit more fun.

There are now three different types of pages instead of just showing you my record collection:

1. Record Collection View: shows you the records just like the original (except that it zooms now).

2. Album View: This was present in the original version, but it wasn't as organized or as cool

3. Objects View:  The objects view now takes you to different places if you click on different random objects!


I am glad I built it.  I will say this though.... Its probably not IE compatible at all.



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