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Trouville reminded me of something I would see in a dream.  A sleepy little town that survives mostly on summer time tourism.  A place already faded;like your favorite pair of jeans.  Its got some holes in places but you don't care.  It's comfortable.
I guess that sleepiness and the stench of the ocean reminded me a bit of my childhood bicycling near the canals in Otaru.  Otaru is another place that survives on tourism.  Now a days the canal area is filled with a lot of foreigners passing through Japan.  The same seemed to be true for Trouville;after all we were foreigners passing by the canal.  Another town sandwiched by the ocean and the hill. 
When we arrived, there was a farmer's market of sorts happening right as we crossed the canal from the Deauville/Trouville train station over to Trouville.  Deauville is the slightly spicier and yuppier counterpart to the tamer Trouville. 
First thing we do, as always on a trip with mom, is to eat. 
The strawberries we bought had balanced flavor and beautiful shape; not something that exists in America.  We proceeded to go through the crowds and the market to reach a "famous" restaurant that serves seafood.  Ahh...  I knew exactly where we were going into before we got in.  I know of all of its equivalents where I come from; the uber tourist trap sea food restaurant.  Obviously we are tourists so we go in. 
The food was pretty good, but it definitely was less sophisticated than what would be served in Paris; something expected and homey.  My mother as usual orders a lot when I'm around.  She orders up a plate full of seafood.  "Voilà!" the waiter announces. 
As usual we all proceeded to help her finish the plate in the end.  The restaurant/waiter was generous and gave us all a free sip of the calvados liquor that is famous in the region. 
"L'addition s'il vous plait."
We proceed to the beach for a walk.  Just as we got out of the restaurant, the rain started to fall.  FUN!  We all put on our Patagucci rain jackets.  This was hilarious.  No one in their right mind would wear something that colorful in France.  Dad was in a Yellow jacket, Mom in a pink one, Sam in his blue one, and for me a neon Green jacket.  If we had another member we could have formed the Power Rangers! 
On our way to the beach, we explored the town for a bit and found it cute and sleepy.  The beach was surprisingly filled with people considering the weather.  Fortunately, the rain stopped pretty quickly and the sun decided to show its face. 
Dad decided that it would be a good idea to go wade in the waters to check things out.  I followed for a bit and found this Jellyfish with a purple brain.  Pretty cool. 
Before returning, we had a bite of these awesome crepes.  I will never forget them.  They were the best I've ever eaten in my life.
The town is also known for being a host at one point to Raymond Savignac the French graphic artist and poster designer.  His work was everywhere.
What a relaxed little town by the sea.  TGV, take us back!

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