when it snows, seattle stops

by Tuesday, 07 February 2012

In Seattle, everything stops when it snows; even if its just an inch of snow.  Schools close, life stops, people stay in.  Not me though.  Warm clothes, snow tires, and AWD (and a bit of caution I suppose).  I had tried to go to a hardware store to pick up some wood and supplies, but even they were closed.  I think Seattle should do better in snow.

I took these pictures at the Green Lake park some very snowpocalyptic night a few weeks ago.  The pictures didn't turn out as sharp as I had hoped, but being that it was raining at that point, it is acceptable.  Silly me without gloves! Things had to happen quick (wider aperture).  I did use a long exposure on the first photo while I was able to hold out on the coldness.

People were cross country skiing around Green Lake and generally having a good night.  With all the city lights on and the snow, it made for very interesting lighting.  It was as if the entire ground had turned into a white reflector; it was very bright out.  This is very different from the dark and gloomy winter rain that Seattle has.




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