by Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Here is where it starts..... two weekends ago, after hearing about a craigslist posting on "Free Audio Equipment", I headed over to a garage sale in Queen Anne.  Time was 8:45am Sunday morning and the frenzy for "Free Audio Equipment" would soon begin at 9:00am SHARP.

I thought to myself, "nah, no one's going to be that crazy about that 'Free Audio' stuff, I'll just take it easy and show up at 9:20 or so...."

My hopes were that I would find ample amounts of old turntables and parts for some tube-amp-foolery.

But I was wrong.....


By the time I rolled up in my car, there were no speaker left.  In fact, everything free was pretty much gone.  I guess I was the late bird or rather the normal bird......  Turns out some crazy folks had showed up at 3:00am to be the first pickers for the free stuff.  I guess some people are more into it than I am.


In the end though I think the situation turned for the better because I found this:


Behold the X-570!  (now I feel like Dr. Weird)

The X-570 was a pretty darn good camera at the time it came out, it has an Auto Shutter Speed function (based on your aperture).  It even has a read out for the shutter speed in the view finder!

The reason I picked this X-570 is because Lucas has an X-370.  This happens to be a very convenient situation as it allows us to share lenses.



Along with the camera, I bought a lense (A Tamron adaptall tele-macro 70-210mm) which seemed to be one of the missing lenses from Lucas's set.

I hope there is no light leak in this baby!  I guess I'll soon find out.


The above photos were shot with my trusty G2 using a Lensebaby Tilt Transformer and a Nikon 24mm (post processing using GIMP!).


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